HOPOS papers on PhilSci-Archive

A section has been prepared on PhilSci-Archive for you to post a paper associated with your talk at HOPOS 2014. We would like to encourage you to post your manuscript there, to allow your audience to take a look before and after the conference. You are also welcome to post and/or update your manuscript after the conference. For instructions on how to post, see How to Upload a Conference Paper - PhilSci-Archive.

Once submitted, papers from all the conference participants will be available in the Conferences and Volumes section of PhilSci-Archive under HOPOS 2014

You can always come back and post a revised version or an official link to the final publication. But please note that as a preprint server, PhilSci-Archive can only accept preprints of manuscripts, and not journal-prepared PDFs, slides, or abstracts.